Silver and Gold - Encrusted Single Tooth Caps (Plated) - Water Moulded

Silver and Gold - Encrusted Single Tooth Caps (Plated) - Moulded

Our First line of Tooth caps, now available in a range of finishes from Silver and Gold. These single tooth caps are plated rather than solid Gold/Silver meaning we are able to provide these at a much more affordable price to ensure everyone stays shining!

The caps come with fixing bar in the middle which when placed in hot water will allow you to mould the cap to fir your desired tooth, we suggest doing this as soon as the item is received. 

It's worth noting if you are looking for a more long term piece (daily wear) we suggest you look to purchase one of our Solid Silver, Gold and Rose Gold caps from (£350+ additional costs for the stones) which will be plaster moulded to your tooth and ensure a better fit - These are dropping in the near future so please do keep checking the site for updates!

Colour: Silver or Gold

Plating: Rhodium Plated

Metal: Stainless Steel

Stones: AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia

Width: 10mm Each Tooth (approx)

This is a great piece of jewellery perfect for any smile! Whilst we ensure the highest quality materials are used for the price point we charge. We do request that the piece is well maintained to increase the products lifetime, more information can be found in our FAQ's.

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Please Note: Item will be shipped within 72 hours of purchase, UK should expect 3-5 days from dispatch date and Worldwide should expect 5-14 days from dispatch date.

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