Are the products of high quality?

For us at DripLondon to achieve our goal of becoming a global brand its crucial we ensure that our customers recommend us and return to repurchase. Consequently, we can assure you the quality of the items provided will be on parity with those available on the market. Customer satisfaction is shown through our constant positive feedback received from our clientele and a high returning customer rate. Please see our testimonials page. 

Whilst we ensure all goods are of the highest quality. As we sell Jewellery you will appreciate our products are delicate in nature and need to be treated as such. We advise against use in chlorine & hot water and contact with bleach and other chemicals/soaps which over time will lead to corrosion of the pieces. 

All silver/gold plated jewellery will naturally tarnish over time due to the oxidation process. Tarnishing is not a fault and there are steps that can be taken to ensure your jewellery does not tarnish, these are listed below.

Your jewellery should always be kept dry unless stated otherwise by the listing or one of our representatives to ensure you further the lifetime of the product. If the jewellery is not worn frequently, please ensure you keep all pieces stored in a suitable dust bag. Please ensure to remove jewellery when applying aftershave/perfumes and any other strong chemical products or moisturisers etc. We also suggest using correct jewellery boxes with have allocated sections for each individual piece to avoid pieces rubbing, also please consider using fit for purpose storage boxes which will provide a tarnish proof base material internally which will safeguard your pieces. Should the items be kept in stuffy/humid environments please use dehumidifying crystals within the storage internally. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

Shipping times do vary we often advise, 2-3 days from dispatch if in the UK or 5-15 days if outside the UK.

Its worth noting, that Custom chains will take considerably longer and are around 2-3 weeks from purchase as a lot of craftsmanship and a considerable amount of time goes into each piece to ensure the desired shine is achieved

I’m worried about payment safety?

DripLondon is a 100% safe to shop, we use a third party globally recognised payment processor who uses the latest encryption and security procedures to ensure that all payments are processed safely. We never retain or see any of your payment information. We offer a variety of payment methods such as PayPal, Visa etc to ensure both parties are protected whilst not limiting your choice of payment. Your safety and satisfaction our DripLondon’s main priority and we can assure you it couldn’t be any safer!

I placed a large order for multiple items but have only received one item and the others are still not here, Is there a problem? 

Do not worry, this is a common point we have raised to us, our shipment team dispatch some orders separately to ensure you receive your items as quick as possible. Please be assured if this is the case for your order that the additional items from the order will shortly arrive.

There is a problem with my order, What should I do?

Our customer support team work 7 days a week and strive to provide you with speedy answer to your queries and offer solutions for any issues experienced. We will ensure all issues are resolved in a quickly and timely manner through a simple email to: ( alternatively feel free to feel use our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Whats the return/exchange policy?

All information surrounding our return and exchange policy can be found here: Return/Exchange Policy.

Terms Of Service 

All information surrounding our Terms Of Service policy can be found here: Terms Of Service.

Privacy Policy

All information surrounding our Privacy Policy can be found here: Privacy Policy

Any other questions?

We are more than happy to answer any specific questions in depth, and this can be done through the contact us page. Our team have access to emails 7 days a week and will respond to queries in a timely manner.