The Initial Process

Step 1: Simply place your order of the desired grillz you are after. We then will proceed to send out 2 moulding kits the next working day. The reason we send 2 moulding kits is so that you can take 2 impressions and we can use the best quality mould of the two. Inside the moulding kit will be various instructions and a link to a video for guidance on taking the impressions.

Step 2: Once the moulding kits have arrived in roughly 1-3 working days. You take your mould using the instructions provided (very easy process) and simply send the moulds back to us. We will enclose a prepaid return slip for the moulds to be placed in and sent back.

Step 3: Once we have the received the moulds we then begin the production process of making the grillz or caps, which we quote takes roughly 2 weeks. Solid plain gold/silver grillz are often a quicker process but we quote 2 weeks for precaution. 

Final Step: Once the 2 week production time is complete we post out the finished grillz directly to your address in the post. You will receive a tracking code as part of this process.

Tutorials Video For Using The Mould Kit Can Be Found Below


Are the grillz Permanent? 

All the grillz and caps we are offer are not permanent. They are made to be removed whenever you like. Grillz are made to simply clip on your teeth, whilst they are not permanent in your mouth they are made of dental gold precious gold which is designed to last forever.

How do they work? 

As mentioned above the grillz are made specifically to your teeth using the moulds provided. This is why we need a high quality mould to be provided and we send 2 mould kits to ensure we have an option of the best set of moulds. Sometimes for a better fit especially with tooth caps you will need Fixodent (Dental gel) to hold the caps in place . Can be bought from your local pharmacy. Taking an impression is a super easy process so please don’t be alarmed. 

How Can I Get Custom Grillz? 

Simply visit the Grillz collection on our website and find your desired style. Whether this is a single tooth cap, window cap, full diamond grills we have something for everyone and accommodate all budgets. Once purchased per the steps above you will receive the impression kit and can begin taking your own moulds.

What If I Have Questions About The Process? 

We are happy to respond to any queries you may have via our contact page and will be liasing with you throughout the production process once the purchase takes place.