Brads Story

Brad having shopped with us for a number of years and developing a relationship with the brand reached out and highlighted he was pursuing a boxing career and needed a sponsor for events. Our interactions with Brad over the years told us he was an individual who was deeply ambitious with a hunger to succeed and would give his all to his endeavours. We of course took up this opportunity to support Brad as he had us previously...

Brad has since gone on to have a number of fights with the hopes of going professional in the future whilst sporting his DripLondon boxing gear. Brad remains undefeated across all bouts and looks to continue this record across his upcoming fights. He has featured on some of the North Easts biggest events.

We're wishing Brad all the best for the future and expect to see his success continue to grow! We will be updating the site with his story as he progresses and also hopefully sharing some light on others with similar aspirations.

If Brads Story resonates with you and you find yourself looking to collaborate or in need of sponsorship reach out to us and lets see what we can do: